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Storage Tents: A Flexible Storage Solution

Storage tents are easy to set up, 100% waterproof, UV-resistant, and sturdy. By combining the tents, our storage shelters can be extended, increasing storage room!

What Sets Our Storage Tents Apart

We offer various storage tents in many sizes, colors, and materials to suit different needs. These portable storage tents feature sturdy steel frames, durable PVC tarps, and customizable entrances, doors, and lighting options. They provide versatile protection and shelter for goods, machinery, and building materials.

The Multifunctional Applications for a Storage Tent

Outdoor storage tents provide flexible solutions for many applications, whether for personal, business, or industrial purposes. They are perfect for creating additional warehouse space, serving as garden sheds, establishing temporary workspaces, protecting vehicles or machinery, or acting as utility tents at sports clubs or campsites. These versatile outdoor structures are suitable for both short-term projects and long-term storage, offering easy assembly and disassembly. Built to last, their durability promises years of dependable service, making them an ideal selection for temporary and permanent storage solutions.

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Commercial Storage Tents for Business Efficiency

Commercial storage tents are essential solutions for businesses looking for additional storage space. As versatile warehouse tents, they provide an economical and flexible option for managing inventory overflow or seasonal stock. Commercial storage tents enable rapid expansion of storage capabilities without the investment in permanent structures, making them ideal for both ongoing operations and emergency situations. In crises, such as natural disasters or sudden increases in product demand, these tents quickly become invaluable, offering robust shelter for relief supplies or extra inventory.

commercial storage tent

The Perfect Storage Tent for Camping

When it comes to camping, our small storage tents offer dual functionality as convenient portable shelters. A camping storage tent secures your belongings and adds versatility to your campsite. It can serve as a discreet area to stow bikes or as an impromptu shower space. These tents are great for folks with a permanent camping spot, easily set up around the perimeter of your camping spot.

These smaller portable storage shelters are spacious enough to house bicycles, patio furniture, tools, and all your beach essentials. We recommend you lay down a ground cloth or tarp beneath your utility tent to combat potential condensation, mainly on grassy terrain. This simple step ensures your portable shelter remains dry and comfortable throughout your outdoor adventure.

Weatherproof Storage Tents for Year-Round Use

A heavy-duty storage tent is essential for withstanding any weather conditions. Our waterproof storage shelters are built with high-quality frames, connectors, and tarps, ensuring durability even in harsh conditions.

The tarps used in our shelters are crafted from sturdy, tear-resistant PVC fabric, akin to the rugged cover of a truck. This PVC boasts excellent UV resistance and can endure extreme temperatures without faltering. With seamless roof and side panels tightly fitted to the frame, there's minimal exposure to wind and snow loads. Starting from our mid-range options, the frame incorporates a retractable support system, allowing rainwater to slide off the canopy easily.

The robust, fully galvanized frame is pivotal for the stability of our PVC storage tent. Reinforced poles, connectors, and solid steel ground anchors withstand strong winds and adverse weather, ensuring the tent remains steadfast. For added stability, tie-down ratchet straps can enhance the tent's strength and load-bearing capacity, particularly in challenging conditions.

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We Have Large and Small Storage Tents

A Large or Small Storage Tent  When it comes to storage tents, we offer a range of sizes to suit your needs. A small storage tent measuring 10x13 feet is perfect for storing items like a barbecue, a ride-on mower, or garden tools. It can even double as a shelter for a stack of firewood. Plus, with removable side walls, you can transform it into a cozy gazebo or canopy for shaded relaxation in the garden during the summer.

Our large storage tents measure a substantial 13x26 feet for those requiring more space. These warehouse tents are ideal for commercial storage or temporary workspace when your business needs to expand rapidly. With sidewall heights ranging from 6.6 to 8.5 feet, you can select the perfect warehouse size to meet your requirements precisely.

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Choose the Right Storage Tent Product Series

Our storage tents are designed for year-round durability and exceptional toughness. Each metal part is fully galvanized to prevent rust. The covers are crafted from a heavy-duty fabric that ensures everything inside stays dry, even during continuous rainfall. This material is also UV resistant. Each model is equipped with roll-up zipper doors, offering the sturdiness and reliability of traditional warehouses or storage units without the permanence.

  • Economy Series

    Ideal for temporary storage, our Economy line storage tents are perfect for safeguarding outdoor equipment in your backyard. These tents are lightweight and easy to assemble, making them excellent for situations where mobility is needed or use is temporary.

  • Premium Series

    A step up, our Premium line features warehouse tents that provide enhanced stability and durability with additional roof support. They are an excellent choice for schools or clubs needing secure bike storage or outdoor shade for students and members.

  • Professional Series

    For the most demanding needs, our Professional line offers ultra-strong tents. These feature thicker covers, reinforced frames and roof support, and customizable wall heights. Constructed primarily from robust PVC, with sections using an advanced material called Prime PVC, these tents offer triple the tear resistance of standard PVC and are certified as fire-resistant.

Key Differences Between Our Product Series

FeatureEconomy PremiumProfessional
Tarp MaterialPEPVCPVC
Tarp Tear Strength
700 N
750 N
800 N up to 1400 N
Frame Strength
Lightweight but sturdy
Strong and sturdy
Very stable
Especially strong and sturdy
Most stable
Base Frame
No, but incl. footplatesIncludedIncluded
Roof Supports
BasicEnhanced (2-factor support)Enhanced (2-factor support)

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Key Advantages of a Storage Shelter

  • Quick and Convenient

    Need storage fast? A storage shelter is your ideal solution for immediate storage and warehousing needs. Setting up or dismantling a storage tent is simple—you can create a covered area for materials, goods, or equipment in just minutes. It's hassle-free; the setup process is straightforward without any complications, and when it's no longer needed, the tent can be compactly stored or resold.

  • Cost-Effective and Time-Saving

    Unlike permanent warehouse buildings that often require planning permissions and extensive construction time, temporary outdoor structures offer significant savings. Storage tents can be erected quickly without the red tape and expense associated with permanent construction, making them a much more budget-friendly option.

  • Flexible and Customizable

    All our storage shelter models are designed with versatility in mind. The canopy tarp and wall sections are separate, allowing you to attach or detach sidewalls individually at intervals of every 6.6 feet. This flexibility lets you customize entry points and convert the shelter into an open canopy for use in warmer weather. Additionally, you can incorporate window panels to increase natural light or further protect against the elements.

  • Durable and Semi-Permanent

    Our professional storage tents have sturdy roof supports and strong anchoring, making them suitable for long-term, year-round use. These tents function well as semi-permanent warehouses, offering durability and longevity to withstand the elements over extended periods.

Flooring for Storage Tent

Selecting a waterproof storage tent with a floor is essential for permanent setups. Various flooring options include plastic matting, chipboard flooring, and concrete slabs. These choices suit temporary and permanent installations, particularly in industrial or agricultural settings. Investing in the right flooring enhances functionality and provides additional protection against moisture.

    Assembly of Warehouse Tents

    Our warehouse tents are engineered for quick and easy setup. You'll need just 2-3 helpers – everything else, including the right tools and detailed instructions, comes with your delivery. Begin by ensuring the ground is level and free of debris. Lay out and sort the roof structure poles on the ground, assemble the frame, drape, and secure the roof tarp. Attach the legs on one side, add any additional legs and the ground bar if included, and finish by attaching the sidewalls. Finally, anchor your warehouse tent securely to the ground. That’s it—you’re all set!

    assembling tent

    Get in Touch!

    If you're new to warehouse tents for outdoor storage, navigating the options can be challenging. This page offers an overview of the different models available in our shop, helping you make an informed decision. You can delve deeper into the specifics of our high-quality materials on each product page. Plus, we ensure replacement parts are available for most of our products for a decade after purchase. If you need assistance with our heavy-duty storage tents, please contact us. Our knowledgeable customer service team is here to assist you personally!

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