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Our Accessories in Detail

Party tent accessories can enhance the stability of your tent!

  • Utilize our tie-down ratchet straps for added safety and increased stability. The safety kit includes sturdy tension belts and ground anchoring, making the garden party tents suitable for various settings, including gardens, cafés, restaurants, and weddings.
  • Our sandbag accessories, which can be strapped to the frame, provide a straightforward solution for stabilizing the canopy in mild winds.          
  • Our bungee cords are highly elastic and simple to attach. Explore our accessory collection, offering bags of 25-100 bungee straps in either white or black.
  • Our storage and transport bags are made of heavy-duty Oxford material. With proper storage care, your party tent can last for many years and be used for plenty of outdoor parties to come. 
party tent garden

Party Tents for Sale from the Tent Specialists

A party tent is a necessary shelter for outdoor events. From birthday parties and barbecues in the yard to weddings and corporate events, our variety of party tents will provide you with the protection you need.

Sturdy Party Tents Built to Last

If you're purchasing a party tent, buy from a specialist! We offer an extensive range of eye-catching party tents for sale featuring various colors, designs, qualities, and sizes. Our durable party tents are designed to last and used across the USA for events, weddings, garden parties, and more!

Here are just a few reasons to purchase a party tent from All Tents:

  • Sturdy and durable materials, including a strong frame and tarp covers.

  • Individual removable sidewall panels that can be added or removed as needed.

  • Optional connecting gutters enable the connection of multiple tents, expanding the covered area with complete flexibility.

  • Overlapping sides for optimal room climate control while preventing drafts.

Event Tents for any Occasion!

Event tents are ideal for various gatherings, such as those hosted by clubs, schools, or community groups. They also benefit businesses needing temporary structures and shelters without breaking the bank. Don't leave your next event at the mercy of the weather.. Large event tents provide a sheltered space regardless of the conditions.

For clubs and schools, tents specifically designed for these environments, like club canopy tents or school tents, prove invaluable during open-house events and fundraisers. They feature a robust steel frame reinforced with additional support, including a base frame that significantly increases the stability of the entire structure.

Wedding Tents: A Versatile Party Venue

Our garden tents are perfect for weddings, especially as a venue for wedding receptions. Our high-quality wedding tents can turn an ordinary wedding into an amazing one. Beautiful drapes, lovely lighting, and flower arrangements can turn a simple party tent into a special place for your wedding. You can set it up wherever you want at your wedding location. Pick the right-sized wedding tent that fits your celebration. Avoid overcrowding or unused space, ensuring the perfect atmosphere for your celebration.

beautiful wedding tent

Outdoor Event Tents for Backyard Cookouts

Our garden party tents are a fantastic choice if you want to throw a memorable cookout. In the daytime, the tent shades you from the sun and shields you from the rain, offering UV protection and a fully waterproof canopy. Your outdoor party tent keeps you safe from the wind and cold at night. Our party tents look fantastic and stylish in your backyard, with church-style windows giving you lovely views and lots of light inside, even on rainy days.

bbq party tent

Heavy-Duty Party Tents You Can Rely On

We create our tough tents for long-term, intensive use. Unlike the cheap ones you might see at big online stores, our sturdy tents can stay up even when windy. The covers for our party tents are also completely waterproof. All the roof seams are sealed so water won't leak inside. We've added extra support to our best models to make our water-resistant tents more stable. A base frame is essential to creating a wind-resistant tent that can handle wind and rain. Base frames come with PE professional (FLEX Plus) and Premium and Professional PVC tents (PRO Plus & PRO Ultra).


How to Stop Condensation in a Tent

Our tent walls are designed to allow air to flow smoothly in and out, maintaining a fresh atmosphere inside, even when fully enclosed. This feature ensures the tent remains comfortable at all times, both day and night. Enclosed shelters and tents frequently encounter condensation issues. This occurs when moisture from the ground rises during the day and becomes trapped beneath the tent's canopy. As temperatures drop at night, water droplets form on the cooler surfaces of the tent walls and roof.

    Individual Party Tent Sidewall Panels

    Our outdoor party tents with sidewalls offer exceptional flexibility. Each side can be detached individually, allowing you to remove walls and gable ends to create entrances wherever needed. You can even remove all the sides to transform your tent into an open canopy without central poles. This setup provides ample shade while maintaining an outdoor feel.

    attaching party tent sidewall

    The Various Party Tent Models You Can Choose From

    All the tents in our store have strong galvanized steel frames and poles approximately 1.5 inches thick. The poles of the PVC Professional models are even denser, at approximately 2 inches.

    Our website has two types of party tents: FLEX and PRO. FLEX tents have PE (polyethylene) covers, while PRO tents have covers made of PVC. Both tents are exceptional at protecting you from the sun and rain and last a long time. FLEX and PRO garden tents can resist UV rays, are completely waterproof, and have welded seams to ensure no water gets inside. They're available in various colors, from white to green, or in color combinations of white and either grey, blue, red, or green.

    PRO Party Tents for Extra Stability

    If you're looking for a high-strength tent that you can use often, especially for a long time or all year round, we suggest getting a good-quality PRO tent with a PVC cover. PVC is a rigid material that holds up well over time. PVC covers for party tents are about twice as heavy as PE covers and feel similar to those on truck trailers.  These tents are great for places where it's crucial to ensure good protection from the weather, like at company events.

    large pvc party tent

    Our PRO PVC Party Tents in a Detail


    Fully Galvanized Steel Frame

    Double-Bolted Connections

    Pole Diameter (approx.)
    1.5 in.1.5 in.1.9 in.
    Connector Diameter1.7 in.1.7 in. 2.1 in.
    Roof Supports
    Base Frame

    Corner Braces


    Strong PVC

    Tear Strength[25] in Newtons
    700 N
    750 N
    800 - 1400 N
    Ventilation Windows


    Sidewall Height
    6.5 ft
    6.5 ft
    6.5 or 8.5 ft
    Extendable in Length and Width

    * Only applies to tents with a side wall height of 8.5 ft.

    Our Most Popular PVC Party Tents

    Lightweight PE Party Tents

    The material used for PE (FLEX) party tents is not as thick or heavy as that used for PVC (PRO) tents. On average, FLEX tarps are only half the weight. Because they're lighter, PE tent covers are easier to handle and take up less space when stored. Also, FLEX tents are quicker to set up and usually cost less than high-strength PVC tents.

    PE covers are less robust than PVC ones and can be easily damaged. They work better for occasional use and short periods. So, if you're looking for affordable tents that you won't always use, FLEX tents are a good choice. You can find our PE tents using the filter on this page. They come in different tear strengths, starting from approx. 350 N and going up to approx. 550 N.

    Our FLEX PE Party Tents in a Detail


    Fully Galvanized Steel Frame

    Double-Bolted Connections

    Click System

    Roof Supports
    Base Frame


    High Quality PE

    Tear Strength[25] in Newtons
    350 N
    450 N
    550 N
    Extended Ground Skirt

    Individually Removable Sidewall Panels


    Sidewall Height
    6.5 ft
    6.5 ft
    Extendable in Length and Width

    The Most Important Differences Between PVC and PE Tarps

    PE tarpaulin

    PE Tarps

    • Lighter than PVC
    • Folds easily for small storage
    • Less expensive
    • Protects from UV rays (30+)
    • Ideal for occasional and short-term use
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    PVC tarpaulin

    PVC Tarps

    • Tear-resistant with inner mesh fabric
    • Strong and durable
    • Feels like a truck tarp
    • Highly UV-resistant (50+)
    • Perfect for long-term, year-round use
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    Our Party Tents Feature Three Types of Frame

    We offer the following models across our two product series: Light, Smart, Plus, and Ultra. These categories show differences in the strength of the tarp, how the frame is built, and how stable it is.

    Our PRO party tents have the strongest tarps because they are solid PVC. These professional PVC party tents are best for long-term use. The FLEX Light models have a basic frame with a lightweight tarp. The tables below compare the tarpaulin strength of different models.

    Party tents with base frames and roof reinforcements are more robust. The standard diameter of our poles is approximately 1.5 inches (38 mm), and for connecting joints, it's approximately 1.7 inches. In the PRO Ultra PVC tents, the poles and connectors are incredibly sturdy, with a diameter of roughly 2 inches for leg and roof poles and approximately 2.1 inches for connectors.

    In the Smart, Plus, and Ultra product ranges and PRO Light, all frame parts are secured with bolts that go through all connecting pieces. FLEX Light garden tents use a heavy-duty click-in system with a broad, solid steel spring. These connecting systems make a robust and reliable frame that can handle everyday use.

    The Differences Between our Party Tent Series

    standard party tent frame

    Standard Frame

    • Click fastening (FLEX Light)
    • Heavy-duty bolted fastening (Flex Smart & Pro Smart)
    • Quick to setup
    • For temporary use
    • Sidewall height: approx 6.56 ft.
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    reinforced party tent frame

    Reinforced Frame

    • Heavy-duty bolted fastening
    • Double roof supports
    • Modular base frame
    • For temporary use
    • Sidewall height: approx 6.56 ft.
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    extra stong frame

    Extra Strong Frame

    • Heavy-duty bolted fastening
    • Triple roof supports
    • 30% more steel
    • Suitable for long-term use
    • Sidewall height: approx. 6.56 or 8.53 ft.
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    Find the Right Sized Party Tent for Your Event

    To select the correct size for your party tent, consider how much space each guest will need:

    • Standing Room

      Allocate about 5 square feet per person.

    • Casual Seating (Benches)

      Allow approximately 8.5 square feet per person.

    • Formal Seating (Individual Chairs)

      Plan for 11 to 13 square feet per person.

    Tent Capacity and Size Guide

    Our comprehensive table showcases various party tent sizes and their corresponding capacities for standing and seated guests. Whether planning a small, intimate gathering or a more significant event, understanding the party tent size and capacity is crucial for optimal event planning.

    Size in FeetStanding CapacitySeated Capcity Square Feet
    10x20 Party Tent
    200 sq ft
    10x30 Party Tent
    300 sq ft
    20x20 Party Tent
    400 sq ft
    20x26 Party Tent
    520 sq ft
    20x39 Party Tent
    78780 sq ft

    Space Considerations

    Remember to consider the layout of your outdoor area. For gardens or irregularly shaped spaces, you can adjust the tent's layout using connecting gutters to link multiple tents together. Also, plan for space inside the tent for additional elements like a dance floor, buffet tables, or walkways.

      Setting Up the Party Tent is Straightforward

      • Single-Tool Assembly

        You'll only require an Allen wrench, which is provided with the tent, so there's no need for extra tools.

      • Labeled Parts

        The frame parts are clearly labeled for easy identification during setup.

      • Guided Instructions

        The assembly instructions are simple to follow and guide you through each step. You can also download the instructions from our website or watch helpful tutorial videos on our YouTube channel.

      • Ladder Recommended

        For tents with wall heights above 6.5 feet, we recommend using a ladder during assembly.

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      Expert Customer Service

      Our tent experts are here for you seven days a week, ready to help over the phone or through email. Whether you have questions about spare parts or need advice on setting up a garden tent in tricky terrain, we're here. Feel free to ask any questions, whether before or after you've bought a tent. We're happy to assist!

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